Go Beyond The Expected

About Us

Built for Fun

We believe in making great games that people love to play. No dark patterns. No cheap tricks.

Experienced Team

Our founders have 40 years experience making hit mobile games. This gives us insights and advantages in a competitive landscape.

Culture of Refinement

Using agile principles, we continuously refine throughout the creative process, and we don't ship until it's done.

Work Life Balance

Nothing gets done well if people are burned out, and creativity dies under pressure. Game Dev doesn’t have to be a grind - we'll make sure of it.

Tentacles Suck - Lend a Hand!

We've assembled a great team, but need more help to make it the best it can be. Get in touch to discuss how we can work together!

Get In Touch!

Ready to find out more? Send us an email or drop by to find out more.

Being based in Waterloo Region allows us to tap into the bold creative energy of Canada's fastest growing area. The studio is located in the innovation district of downtown Kitchener, putting us right at the heart of all the services and amenities that are available.

295 Hagey Blvd
Waterloo, ON

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